The Holy Trinity.

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I think, deep down, that human kind

with its vast mysteric mind

is never static, so complex

able to heal, to bend and flex

with eager “brain work” at its best

and “heart work” to make it manifest

to heal, rewire destructive thoughts

transform, inspire, break the odds

Let these neurons steadily fire

in a surrounding in which you acquire

powerful thoughts that lift you higher

free from ego and selfish desire

free from resentment, grudge and fear

full of awareness, kind and sincere,

so practice to nurse and to nurture that brain,

for that you see what’s more to gain

a gain that by far exceeds the pain,

that you think of right now will forever remain.

But just as you care that way for your brain,

your physical body needs just the same.

Love him, feed him, let him rest,

hear its whisper - it knows what is best!

From that precious heart that beats in your chest,

to every body part - feel grateful and blessed.

And never should you underestimate,

what this body can achieve and create!

A dynamic wonder, just like mind,

connect the 3 and you will find

this unit(y) embodies everything

with every neuronal and muscular string.

All of it communicates

on top is also resonates

with energy surrounding you

from humans and whole nature, too.

So keep sowing love and trust and hope

as you now know its boundless scope

with every thought and every act,

you radiate, evolve, connect

trigger a mighty ripple effect

with causes no one would expect!

Thus choose with love your every step

create yourself your “happiness map”!

Cause love is a power, an all-embracing,

one to create and not be chasing

in a selfish marathon,

cause fulfillment is not reached with this one!

Embrace unity of heart, body and brain

every hour, in pleasure and pain

nurture these 3 and others and ever

as unity rewards your endeavor

more than any material could -

something commonly misunderstood.

But now you know better,

can grow and evolve as

you know how to always solve

any despair and pointless fear:

with this holy trinity

as your greatest gear <3

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