Fly and fall free.

Aktualisiert: 12. Jan 2021

On and on again

I try to fly

every now and then, when

I feel high

It’s like I’m sure to never drop

like I’m sure I can’t be stopped

But storm and thunder actually less

than seemingly harmless wind can mess

with my effort-stacking, mental-hacking,

self-care-tracking, bad-habit-wrecking,

wing-lifts, efforts, mental shifts,

what are the gifts

needed to fly?

why did I drop and “fall” today?

Or let’s review that day and say:

It’s just a course correction anyway.

Flying is not only up in the air,

it’s the whole process getting there.

Pray and love,

down and above,

head held high and wings apart -

committing to fly with open heart

surrender, accept to rest and fall

just redirect towards your call

and this one is, above all:

Fly and fall free,

you hold the key:

Live now and in balanced unity. <3




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