Drop these (s)words.

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It’s a shame that

shame is to blame

to cause one’s suffer, deepest pain

the bummer is - it will remain

in this vicious cycle of self-blame and shame

as long as your heart is a battlefield

as long as it holds up a masking shield

trying to block you from judgement cuts

but rather than to spill your guts

you’d spill your blood, pour it onto

Others who actually didn't cut you.

There’s no point in fighting

even not for some "right thing"

Rather pour some writing

of the words your heart is citing.

Pour your fears & vision

give your heart permission

to drop it’s shield, show face

admit, even embrace,

all its shames & pains

its most sensitive stains

are necessary, ordinary,

every heart’s got some to carry.

To heartly wish each other peace

it partly needs to know dis-ease


the more of it does know from the grounds

the more it does show how to vet deep wounds.

Look at nature - it agrees -

metaphorically always shows you these

powers of polarities -

and that balance holds the keys to peace:

Black as the darkest color can store

the most warmth held in its core

The dawn follows the darkest hour

In sorrow lies potential of power.

Clearest skies in coldest nights,

healing lies in scars of fights.

So what’s the point in picking sides

when all of that we are collides

only in wholeness, holy can be

in balanced bi-polarity

in harmony of ecstasy

Lastly to say:

I want to pray

for all of us to realise

revise your weapons, your disguise,

rather than everyone learning protection

neglecting the yearning of true affection

rather than griplessly clasping our shields

I do believe the highest yields

is for us to drop our sword -

to go in peace, go with the lord.



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