Be(come) free.

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We have so much hunger -

never stilled


yet not fulfilled.

What for, this live, what for is this?

Connection and purpose is what we miss.

We miss the feeling of satisfaction

of calm and bliss and deep connection

thinking we're just, in some form,

not strong enough, way off the norm.

Thinking, if we just master our mind,

empower our will and leave behind

our crutches in the past -

we could make our “high phase” last.

Sure - there were days we felt at the top:

stable and able to master it all

thinking - from now, any doughts will stop

No way from here I’ll ever fall!

And if we did - we'd beat ourselves

put any hope back on the shelves.

Shelves of dreams, of what we could

be if we just understood

to be free. retain our key

to the best of me I’d ever be.

But at some point, this key got lost

handed to hands beyond our reach

externalized at such high cost -

the cost of unlearning how to teach

and lead ourselves - instead adhere

to outside’s dogmas, inside’s fear,

where, at all times, our greatest gear

to guide ourselves, we have right here:

Right here, right now, inside, with us,

so here is what to vow we must:

Never forget the wisdom within

the greatest healer beneath our skin.

There are no one right answers outside

No “One size fits all” to blindly abide.

Do learn from science and chemistry,

from any form of ...ology,

self-help-books and blogs and posts -

but nothing clogs your hungry ghosts

as much as conscious self-reflection

decelerated re-connection

combined with daily physical action -

repetitive, rigorous self-protection.

Conglomerated energy

on your most important destiny:

Your body, your mind, your heart and soul

accept it as already whole

You are just right, in any place,

in any point in divine space.

Your way and suffers are ought to be -

as for you to become the key

for healing, love and sharing it all -

for hearing your special divine call.

for bearing so much and coming this far

for being the special being you are -

believe in yourself - you are the key

to heal, to love, to be(come) free.





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